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Endangered Royal Bengal Tiger Killed!

A Royal Bengal Tiger was killed by the villagers of Khalishabunia (inside the Sundarbans) at Shyamnagar Upazilla in Satkhira district as it injured three people. Crossing the River Kholpetua, the tiger entered the village at about 6 a.m. & later injured three villagers. Satkhira, Bangladesh. July 04 2009

Each year on an average three tigers die inside the Sundarbans. Also tigers are losing their habitat on an alarming rate. According to specialists, officers of the Forest department & local people, tigers are becoming extinct due to some eight factors as tiger’s liver malfunction caused by too high salt level, cyclones, tidal surge, flood, lack of food, lack of protection, lack of proper care for older & ailing tigers, killing of infant tigers by bigger male ones, entrapment or poisoning by unscrupulous people & also beating by nearby locale when tigers trespass into the villages due to deteriorating habitat.

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