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Title: Bhuter beel (wetland)

Bhuter beel (wetland) is situated at Terkhada upazilla in Khulna district. Only five years ago, it was a vast land for cultivation of different types of crops in the dry season. But now there is no cultivation due to water logging. Fishing and collecting waterlily have become the main sources of income for the people in this area. Torikul Isalm (25) used to cultivate crops five years ago in this area, now he lives on fishing. Some people have got involved in bird hunting, as they failed to find suitable alternative jobs. Thousands of people in this water-logged area have become unemployed as no initiative was taken by the government to address the problem. Local people are demanding immediate steps by the authorities to resolve the long-drawn issue of water logging. This story by Shaikh Mohir Uddin/DrikNEWS, is based on the feedback of the affected people, Khulna, December 2011.


Title: Jute prices fall again

Jute farmers in Khulna are distressed with falling prices for jute in the last two seasons. Two important contributing factors are increasing costs of raw materials and low selling prices in the market. Due to low water levels in the fields, the color of jute has changed slightly and as a result it has become ever more difficult to get good market prices. The farmers will need help from the government if they are to recover from their losses. Story prepared by Shaikh Mohir Uddin, DrikNEWS Correspondent, Khulna, September 2012.

Title: Rash Utshob at Dublai Chor
For about a hundred years, Rash Uttshob or Rash festivals have been observed at Dublai Chor in the Sundarbans. Hindu devotees believe that at this time, they can wash away their sins by bathing in the salt waters. Many boats from all reaches of Bangladesh can be seen anchored at the shores and waiting to celebrate the occasion. At sunrise, believers begin their baths in the sea offering their worship to the gods. Story prepared by Shaikh Mohir Uddin, DrikNEWS Cprrespondent, Khulna, December 2012.


Title: Bullock Cart Race
Bullock cart race or “Gorur Gari Dabor” is a common scene of the rural areas of Jessore during winter. The race begins after harvesting of Amman Paddy when vast area of fields becomes open. The sporting event is celebrated with lots of gaiety and festivity. There are two men on each of the carts. Four or six carts take part in an event. The length of the racing ground is about 300 meters. On this occasion, village fairs take place near the racing ground. This type of traditional sporting event has been taking place in this region for a long time.


Title: Bamboo craft on the brink of extinction
A small indigenous community of 80 to 90 families lives along the rail tracks near Alamdanga rail station. They are all dependent on Bamboo for household crafts that they can sell in the cities. The only problem is that most people have moved on to cheaper plastic products making life extra difficult for these talented craftsmen. Take a look as we unfold a sneak peek into the lives of the Bet families. Story prepared by Shaikh Mohir Uddin, DrikNEWS Correspondent, Khulna, September 2012.


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