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Snake charmer

4Snake charmer By Shaikh Mohir Uddin

Shahin mia is a snake charmer who lives in Narail in Bangladesh, catches snacks and show people the magical treatment of snake bite. He takes his own snake’s bite on his limbs and when blood comes out he applies his medicine on it. The magical powder works so fast that people get strange. It’s his profession and this performing art is his only way to live. Though it’s dangerous but he is continuing his past generation.

The show he plays in the  weekly market, village fair and also in rail stastion.where ever he finds crowd his show goes on.Shahin mia is a king of snake.His age and experience make him so.

Shahin Mia learnt this painful knowledge from his past generation. He gives dental, stomach pain and also diabetic relieve. The performer displays his medicine as an advertisement during the show. First he starts the game with one snake and when the crowd increases he adverts for his medicine with his assistant. For the snake bite attraction people don’t leave the place. Some demand their required medicine from Shahin mia and his talisman.

The show ends on evening and the little earn will provides him rice and curry for a few days.Shahin Mia and his traditional nomadic life style continues together.




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